As Mike Montiero says, how do you know what you think unless you write it down?


I rarely post on Medium, though I do love the interface quite a bit. It's a fairly pleasant writing experience, though I really long for the late, lamented Editorially.


No, I probably won't be linking to my old Blogger site, I'm actually afraid to look.

National Novel Writing Month

My friends Laura and Vylar convinced me many years ago to try NaNoWriMo on a lark. I surprised myself by finishing my first year, then going ahead and writing another huge amount to "finish" the tale.

Looking back on it, it's kind of crap, but that's OK. I've gone on to finish three more novels. One of which is OK, another I'm somewhat happy with that I need to go back and revise, and a third that could use a little work. I'm just about to start thinking about this year's effort, which will be about... something.

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