Tiny Fighting Projects

I have a few things I'm working on, some of the other items are not quite ready for prime-time at the moment.

Is Victor Wrong?

A while back, noted author (and all-around excellent person) Jenny Lawson was lamenting that she needed a wesite that would prove her husband was wrong about whatever they were discussing. I noticed the domain was available, registered it, moved the DNS, and created a new page to answer the question, "Is Victor Wrong?"

The site went from an idea to execution in about the time it takes to listen to the back half of Random Access Memories by Daft Punk. (I mostly mention this because that's what I was listening to as I browsed for the open domain and built the site.) At its peak it had hundreds of simultaneous visitors since the author tweeted about it, which is totally beyond anything I expected. I had hoped it would amuse the Bloggess and maybe my friends. Instead, it continues to rack up thousands of views from all over the world. The Bloggess needed a site that could tell her if Victor was wrong, and I was happy to oblige.

I Choose You, Coffee

The tale of the Portland Brunch Adventure.

If you're like me—and I know I am—you love the Clickventures on Clickhole. I decided to make my own version of it as an exercise, with an eye for trying to make a framework for it if the prototype was successful.

I did a quick sketch of the kind of framework I had in mind—a series of divs that were controlled by buttons down below. How to move between them? Since I was partially emulating a physical object, I ended up going with one of my favorite jQuery transitions: paired SlideToggles. I think later on, I'll try to emulate flipping pages instead, or add a "put your finger here" ability, since it's a pain to restart halfway through.

Styled the text as close to what I remember the CYOA books looking like. Then at the bottom, Foundation-styled buttons get a data- element on them. This element gets used by a little function to hide the current page and go to the next one. This could totally be abstracted into a content/option handler, shouldn't be too hard to make an Angular.js controller for it. Though the main issue I have with both that and the current approach is that neither of them work if JavaScript is turned off or if the jQuery library fails to load. It also needs to be more fault-tolerant, right now going to a non-existent page number just makes everything go away, should check if the page exists before moving.

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