Awesome Stuff

The Awesome Foundation

The Awesome Foundation began in Boston in 2009, when some friends were trying to figure out how to make a difference in the world without breaking the bank. The first project funded was an enormous hammock. Now there are over 10 chapters in 24 countries, and to date they've collectively donated over $1,200,000 to various groups.

Awesome Portland

Portland's own chapter of the Awesome Foundation—Awesome Portland was co-founded by two people who both wanted to make a difference here in Stumptown. The Foundation connected them, and a long line of trustees has been keeping Porland weird ever since.

I've served as a trustee since January 2014. Trustees have all kinds of duties—everything from hitting social media to voting on finalists to creating web pages to painting a piano.

I find the work incredibly rewarding. We're not going to solve world hunger or house everyone, but if we can bring a bit of whimsy into the world or make Portland a better place to be, we'll open our pockets to help out. Whimsy is right in my wheelhouse, if you'll excuse the expression.

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