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Doug Hanke lives and works in Portland, Oregon. At the time of this writing, he has two cats and too many books. You can follow @doug_hanke on Twitter or be his pal on the LinkedIn, if that's your thing.

Why Tiny Fighting Robots, anyway?

One of my first loves as a child was giant fighting robots. I probably blame Mecha-Godzilla for it, really. Built them out of LEGO, drew them on pieces of paper. Then when Pacific Rim came out, I had an open invitation to go see it with anybody who wanted to go.

But they're not really something I need for day-to-day use writing HTML and CSS—50,000 tons of pure awesome is not the tool you should reach for when trying to code a button.

What we need are tiny robots to go into our work and kick out the monsters of bad design, poorly-planned content, and "We've always done it this way" gremlins.

It probably goes back to that seminal moment in the Clinton-Bush debates, where then-Governor Clinton's famous rebuttal catapulted him into the White House:

I have always been in favor of tiny fighting robots. My record is very clear on that account. My opponent, on the other hand, is not only AGAINST tiny fighting robots, but voted to cut funding for regular-sized fighting robots as well. America needs tiny fighting robots. Thank you.

Tiny Fighting Robots. Making the world a better place.

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